the lyttelton container makerspace


Meet our Team

Sarah Pritchett

Sarah Pritchett lives on the sunny side of Te Whakaraupō and is excited to be involved in Te Puna Auaha with its focus on creativity and resourcefulness. Her knowledge of waste minimisation gives her a particular interest in the opportunities to foster a culture of repair and reuse.

Paul Dietsche

Paul Dietsche is the founder and chairperson for Te Puna Auaha having pursued the project since 2017. Paul has a background in community support and action and volunteering and activism and is one of the founders of the Lyttelton Library of Tools and Things. Paul has a bachelors in speech communication, an associated degree in technical communications and additional training and education in information technology, science support and environmental conservation. When not volunteering in the community he likes to spend time in nature, hiking the hills and tracks of Lyttelton and the Banks Peninsula with his dog, Kinji.

Barbi Larkins

Barbi is web and graphic designer based in beautiful Cass Bay. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Art and professional certificates in web design and marketing design. She is also a recognised artist who has exhibited throughout the region. Barbi enjoys being able to use her creativity to give back to the community she loves.