the lyttelton container makerspace


What we do:

We enable users to come, create, learn and teach.

Our job will be to create the safe space and provide and maintain the tools that we put there. We will listen to ideas and suggestions and to try to encourage and enable those as best we can. We want creators to reach deep into their potential and to bring forward ideas so we can do our best to try to support those sorts of ambitions.

Find the Tools

Ideally people will be able to come to the space, find the tools and materials to work with and then use them on the site or, in at least the case of the Lyttelton Library of Tools and Things, borrow those items and take them away to use.

Learn and Share Skills

We also want people to come to learn and share their talents and skills. The idea here is that we will have people with expertise to come and share that with people and teach and inspire.

We’ll also be gathering information and contacts/connections to share with the community and we’re planning to make those across a variety of platforms, so we can provide a library of DIY, sustainability and other information to help in the new normal.

What Can the Space be Used For?

The workshop will be set up in containers. Space will be powered and well lit to ensure safe working environments. Wifi / internet connection will also be provided.

Space can be used for nearly any sort of creative ambition… within reason. While we want to provide as much support for amazing ideas, we do have to ensure that the space is used effectively and efficiently. 

Creators will need to communicate their progress and any issues arising. This will help to ensure that the space does not get overrun with works in progress which could hamper the development and completion of other projects.

Active members of Te Puna Auaha may use the space as long as they need and keep in communication.