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Lyttelton Library of Tools and Things

Borrow don’t buy!

Who we are

Borrow don’t buy! It saves you money, it’s easier on the planet and you’ll make some new friends.

Pay an annual subscription & get access to a wide range of tools & things at https://llotts.myturn.com.

Our current subscription fee is $40 Per Year or $20 for 6 months. You can also use one TimeBank credit for a 6 month membership.

Payment via credit card is available through our site via Stripe.


Lyttelton Community Boardroom Garage Space
 7 Norwich Quay
Lyttelton 8082 NZL
03-328 9243

We’ll be update hours as we find volunteers to help run the tool check-out and check in process.

Please get hold of us at: LytteltonLoTTs@gmail.com for questions and inquiries.